IT Services


BSI provides strategic consulting technology services and staffing to commercial and government vendors. Our consulting can provide clients with knowledge and expertise needed to server systems and IT solutions that make staff more productive. BSI is committed to excellence while creating innovative and flexible solutions for our clients.




Providing your company with quality IT professionals.
Provides on the spot personal assistance to resolve an end user’s software or networking problem. One to one coaching and training helps improve the user’s productivity within software applications, improving processes and reducing downtime. Common help points include data migration, security, and applications.


Providing your company with solutions for projects
Our consulting service focuses on integrated Solutions designed to enhance the performance of your business. BSI incorporates the industries best practices into your business processes and strategies. We specialize in helping your company stay ahead of the competition and better serve your customer.

Payment Solutions

Providing your company with the best possible rates for processing.
Assisting your business with the best credit card processing rates. Installation of credit card terminals with the latest technology.


Providing your company with professional installers
Adding new computer equipment, or relocating existing equipment, is hassle-free with service from  BSI. Our qualified technicians are available to install new systems, or to advise and assist with the relocation of existing equipment. If you are moving to a new physical location, we can take full responsibility for the removal, transportation, and reinstallation of computer hardware at your new location.

Training & Instruction

Providing  your company with top instructors and subject matter experts
BSI’s  instructors  have a broad base of knowledge and competency in core hardware and operating system technologies in areas such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting.